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Creator Kit - Design your own Tshirt Festival Creative Kit
Creator Kit - Design your own Tshirt

Festival Creative Kit

Creative kits to design your own festival tshirt. This festival creator kit allows you to paint, print and stencil your own T-shirt, ready for any festival. Starting with the blank tshirt you can create any design using the stencils and inks provided. These creative kits to design your own tshirt allow you to transform the blank shirt into a unique festival tshirt of your  own.

Each creative kit contains two assorted stencils, a t-shirt, brush and a set of three special neon non toxic fabric inks. This kit also comes with added metallic foil and glue ( Optional) to add a little extra festival shimmer ( see pics).

To Use:
Paint a thin layer of ink onto the t-shirt using the stencil and brush provided. Once you have finished your design, leave to dry.

To cure the ink and make it permanent, iron your design on the reverse for at least two minutes.
Wash T-shirt on a normal cycle at 30 degrees. All inks are UV sensitive and will shine ultra bright when placed under a UV light ( see pic)

For foils:
Paint/stencil the glue onto garment. Wait up to 30 mins for the glue to feel tacky. Place a piece of foil ( colour side up ) over the area of glue. Place a piece of grease proof paper over the foil and iron with a cool/med heat for up to 4 seconds. Peel away the foil to leave the bling!
(Full instructions given)

Stencils are made from oiled recycled card, that can be wiped clean and used again.
Inks – Waterbased, non toxic, vegan inks.
For ages 3+

Extra inks can be bought seperately here


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