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Stamp kits Stamp it! – Letters kit
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Stamp it! – Letters kit

A creative stamp kit that includes 32 stamps of bold letters that you can use to write your own slogan tshirt, design your own cards, personalise a gift or upcycle old clothes. Each kit allows you to be the designer and turn your amazing ideas into reality and wear your creation. Great for a party too, just select a *party pack of t-shirts (comes in packs of six or twelve) and you have a fab, creative party idea for kids!

Each creative stamp letters kit comes with three speciality inks including a black chalkboard ink, metallic and a neon. For extra inks please order from our inkbox dropdown.
Tshirts come in  sizes 3-4 years all the way up to small adult.

Each T-shirt is made from 100% Cotton and the stamps made from eco friendly rubber — Do not submerge the stamps in water,  please wipe clean with a damp cloth. All our Inks are Non-Toxic. For instructions on use, care and sizing check out our helpful guide!

*Party packs come in size chosen, if you would like mixture of sizes please leave us a note during the checkout process.
*If wanting extra inks please order seperately

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