Spring is nearly here.

03 Mar 2020

With March finally here we can hopefully say goodbye to wet and stormy weather and hello to calmer sunnier months. Inspiration blossoms this month with a whole bunch of new ideas for our Creator kits. These kits were launched early January and are already proving popular. Included in the creative kit is everything you need to create your own unique t-shirt including tshirt, oilboard stencils and cooleye popping inks. inksTo compliment our current designs heart, dinosaur and space  we are about to launch a spring themed bunny kit and a young artists picture frame design, both of which have simple iconic templates that encourage budding artists to fill them with personal expressions. As with all these kits the ink can be used on many porous surfaces and can last a lot longer than the one project. Each stencil is totally reusable and can be used to up cycle old clothes too.

This time of year is also a good time for taking stock of everything and having a good old clear out. Our production room has had a good old blitz through and all stock sorted and tidied. After the craziness of xmas and trade shows it’s good mentally to clear and sort ready for the year ahead. It’s easy to feel a little fuggy in this early part of the year but with spring it brings a certain clarity and energy to work.

Bring it on!


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