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Patch it kits and metallic foils Patch it – Peace Sign
Patch it kits and metallic foils

Patch it – Peace Sign

Creative kits to make your own clothes patches. This little Patch it kit allows you to design and make fabric patches to repair your clothes or simply embellish an old jacket, jeans, shirt or tshirt.

A simple to use kit that allows you to either design and make your own clothes patches using the stencils or templates provided, or paint freehand directly onto the panel.

Each kit contains:
Two assorted stencils
Iron on cotton panel (approx 24cm x 47cm)
Shape template
Stencil brush
Three 25ml vegan ( non toxic) fabric inks.

You can also add an extra large letter stencil to the kit to personalise any garment ( choose added option below)

How to use: Using the stencils and inks provided, create your design on the cotton panel. Leave ink to dry then cut the shape required. Peel off the backing from the cotton panel and place directly onto garment.

Cover design with a tea towel or greaseproof paper and iron on a med/high setting for 2 mins. Fabric can be washed at 30 degrees. If needed place a few hand stitches to secure in place.

Our Patch it creative kits to make your own clothes patches are totally sustainable, even our clear bags are made from wood pulp making it both totally biodegradable and compostable.

Stencils are made from reusable oilboard and the cotton panels are offcuts from our cotton supplier.

Inks are vegan, eco friendly and non toxic. For ages 3 +


Extra inks can be bought seperately here


From: £22.00

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