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27 Mar 2015 by Clare Tomlinson

Wow it’s nearly a year since we last posted on our blog, we can’t believe it. What with the shop, trade shows, orders, new designs/products and organising pop ups I think we have overlooked it a little :). Sorry for the lack of updates.

There’s been so much going on at Masher mansions, where shall we start ? In January we launched our new product the Chalk and Talk at Dot to Dot London. The Chalk and Talk is a chalkboard book that kids can draw on again and again. Due to the popularity of our Chalk and Tees range we wanted to extend our product range in this area. The chalk and talk was born!

Just like a chalkboard, the book is screenprinted with a special chalkboard ink so you can draw to your hearts content. Each book contains 8 pages and there are currently two designs I love… a series of images of things you love and a travel book with pictures of different modes of transport and squares you can fill in. These show you how many cars,bikes etc you  have seen and which colour.

The books are perfect for taking on long journeys, for restaurants or rainy days. Since they launched they have already proved popular with independents and larger stores and have just been featured in CWB Magazine.


Due to our print workshops being so well received we have decided to promote them to a wider audience. Coming soon will be the Little Mashers printing experience. From April onwards you will be able to book a workshop online.

They will run twice a month on a Saturday and you will be able to experience the joys of screen printing within a relaxed and fun environment. Within this two and a half-hour session you will get to design and print a finished item of your choice, from either a t-shirt, bag, tea towel or paper print.

The workshops will be from ages 5 upwards and can be booked for large groups. It includes adults too! They make for a wonderful family experience, a memorable birthday party or a welcome gift for anyone who loves being creative.

Just before Christmas, we were approached by an Australian distributor about the possibility of distributing a selection of our products all over Australia. Finally, after months of negotiations, we are excited to announce that Little Mashers products will soon be sold down under, at various outlets. All of our chalkboard products including Chalk and Tees, Tote bags, our fab new Chalk and Talk plus our Junior Masher Chef sets, will be available to buy in the next few months.

In April our lovely shop/studio in the heart of Walthamstow village will be undergoing a transformation with the frontage of the shop being made bigger, lighting throughout being changed and floor painted. We know it’s going to look fab and we are so excited. We’ll post pics of the new shopfront when completed. This will mean that the shop will be closed for two weeks, but we hope it will be worth the wait!

I think that’s all for now, we won’t be leaving it so long next time.

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